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The Northern Ireland Investment Fund (NIIF) provides debt funding for commercial property, regeneration and low carbon projects in Northern Ireland at highly competitive commercial rates. A total of £150m has been provided by the Northern Ireland Department of Finance.

The Fund is now in its investment phase and is open for applications from viable projects that cannot source funding from traditional sources.

The Fund is a private sector entity that is committed to investing in the transformation of the region for the long-term, supporting economic growth and the low carbon economy.

The Fund will commit capital to opportunities which meet the NIIF regeneration targets covering; employment, regeneration, floor space and carbon savings outputs.

NIIF’s target sectors include:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics R&D
  • Hotel, Leisure and Residential as part of a mixed use regeneration development
  • Development of employment sites, site assembly, remediation, site access and other site related infrastructure
  • Other capital investment in physical development and infrastructure that directly supports economic growth, for example, tourism or leisure led projects and the provision of digital infrastructure
  • Non-domestic and domestic energy efficiency projects
  • Energy generation projects, including photovoltaic, wind, hydro and waste to energy
  • Heat network projects
  • Energy Storage projects
  • Circular economy projects with a focus on resource efficiency and / or re-use
  • Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)
Andrew Antoniades

Andrew Antoniades

Fund Advisor - Executive Director

Andrew established and leads CBRE’s Lending platform within the Investment Advisory service line. He specialises in enabling investors to deploy their capital as debt, establishing specific lending strategies for them, then structuring and managing loans on their behalf.

T: +44 207 182 2587

William Church

William Church

Fund Advisor – Senior Director

William has been involved with the Northern Ireland Investment Fund from its inception. William specialises in linking public and private funding to create results for Borrowers and the Public Sector alike.

T: +44 207 182 2867

The Fund Advisor

The fund is advised by CBRE Investment Advisory team. CBRE is a leading real estate advisory firm. CBRE’s role is to source and evaluate potential investments for the fund, as well as manage and monitor the developments over the investment life-cycle. For more information about CBRE, please visit the CBRE website.

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